Do more with your data, without more data scientists

FeatureLab is the best solution for companies looking to increase their data science resources.
Why FeatureLab?


Easy Integration
Incorporate FeatureLab into existing infrastructure
Flexible Data Import
Connect to existing databases and upload spreadsheets or text files
On-premise Install
FeatureLab comes to you—install it on-premise.
Run FeatureLab in a secure cloud.


Data Science Is Fun Again
Software that is built to be enjoyable to use.
Actionable Insights
Simulate new inputs, and determine how different actions will affect future outcomes
Prediction Export
Upload unlabeled data and download batch predictions.
Effortless Scaling
Take advantage of all of your data for superior results.


Smart Transformations
Use automation technology to transform raw data into explanatory variables.
Hands-off Prediction
Define a prediction problem and FeatureLab does the rest.
Expert Knowledge
Harness your domain expertise to tune models for your business needs.
High Fidelity Models
Our automatic models are as accurate as manmade ones.
Stay in Touch
Add FeatureLab to Your Team
Business Specialist
Whether you are a CEO or Product Manager, data insights can help you do your job. With FeatureLab you can:
  • find insights without assistance
  • efficiently build machine learning models
  • improve models with domain expertise
Data Scientist
You understand the data and the techniques to analyze it, but time is your most valuable resource. FeatureLab enables you to:
  • avoid repetitive tasks
  • iterate effectively with recommendations
  • only write custom code when necessary
Solutions for Industry
FeatureLab is based on years of research into data science bottlenecks and applications. As a result, the core technology is applicable in many different industries and domains. We’re fast-forwarding into the future of data science, so that businesses using FeatureLab are always one step ahead.